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>> verne: and then the find of robinson. offense. >> clark: mason trying to get somewhere with the dribble where there is no lane. kemba walker has made simpler plays here in this half after donnell beverly came in and did a nice job finding people. kemhad a chance to sit, watched moment -- kemba had a sit to watch -- >> clark: kemba had a chance to sit, watch momentarily. when you get it going offensively it can lift you at the defensive end. coaches don't want to hear that because they want defense to be a constant but it's natural. when you're playing well offensively, it juices you more at the defensive end of the floor.
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>> verne: dyson. kicks it left. walker. >> verne: off the glass, and good -- and uconn with its largest lead of the game. >> clark: the foul on oriakhi. he was hugging. pittman inside. beautiful drive here by kemba walker. that electrifying speed, awareness of where he was and where the defender was coming from, good use of the basket, but i really think the little segment where donnell beverly was out there and kemba sat down gave him a chance to look at it and slow himself down just enough to be much more effective this half. >> verne: balbay and pittman. taken away by dyson. he reached up and tipped it. pittman didn't know what happened. >> clark: dyson's been fantastic. >> verne: yes, he has. >> clark: he's been so good today particularly at the defensive end.
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>> verne: walker. 10 assists already in the game. that one rejected. but ater majok gets it, back in the hands of walker. listen to the crowd. walker with eight turnovers but only two in this half. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription.
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>> clark:connecticut is going to move up and texas will slide down. offense has been the problem, the last few ballgames -- actually, the last three. there you see what uconn has been all time against the number one ranked team -- if they can hold on for another six minutes, that will go to 2-6, but texas has had trouble offensively the last few ballgames, and we've seen why here in the last eight minutes sore so. just not able to get that ball moving. trying to overdribble out of trouble. >> verne: bradley. >> clark: good look on the offensive rebound as well. >> verne: pittman. >> clark: he's going to get himself to the foul line.
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still plenty of time here, verne. let's see if texas can at least get themselves back into some type of rhythm. that's what rick barnes is looking for now. will his team continue to fight? will they handle the ball, execute, and get good shots and continue to grind it out defensively and not give in to this momentum rush that uconn has had -- really for the last six minutes? but you have to make free throws to stem tides. >> verne: i don't want to beat this thing to death but here is another 54% free-throw shooter. the only player on the texas team who excels at this is j'covan brown, the freshman. he's at 90%. but then the next highest free-throw shooter on the texas team -- 68%. and i'm really struck by what an amazing turnover for uconn. >> clark: yeah.
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>> verne: 16 turnovers in the first half. three in this one. >> clark: turnovers are correctible -- those are correctible things, and if you just zero in, keep it simple, and that's basically what uconn has done -- and i can't get off of how will they've picked up the defensive end of the floor to get themselves started in this rally in the second half. >> verne: nice find inside and then oriakhi misses the free throw, but another foul. it was a 15-0 run that fueled this comeback. >> clark: look at how easy the plays are. that's not easy, but it's simple. you've got him worried about your drive. step into your jump shot. when somebody's open on the post, get them the ball directly in the right place, at the right time. those kinds of things have really allowed uconn to seize control of this one.
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>> verne: oriakhi with a 43% free-throw shooter. gets the first. shoots one more. freshman from lowell, massachusetts. >> verne: final score, connecticut defeats arkansas in lexington 101-70. they'll be the number one team in the country when it's announced on monday. jumper. >> clark: he's capable -- damion james has been very quiet, but he actually singlehandedly kept them in the game they won against texas a&m when they really struggled offensively. he might very well have to do something similar now. >> verne: dyson has just set a career high points in the game. 29.
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>> verne: beauty. >> clark: damion james. >> verne: 4 1/2 to go. high screen from majok. >> verne: majok. uconn ball. >> clark: back-to-back trips, now, damion james has scored for texas, and a beautiful up-and-under there. he took advantage of a bit of a poor closeout and got right to the rim.
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[ ellen ] hey! [ receptionist ] hey! i was just in town for a few days, and i was wondering if i could say hi to the doctor. is he in? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. >> clark: they really play
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together, verne. demarcus cousins is a force, but this is a team that really to me has a chance to be special. we're only in late january. so no coronations are in order at this point but they will be a deserving number one team, and if they continue to stay together and stay healthy and improve, they will have a strong chance to win it all. >> verne: walker is back at the free-throw line where he's 5-7. kemba walker, who was a role player last year, essentially, the back-up to a.j. price -- he's got the responsibility on his shoulders this year. young man grew up playing on the fabled ruckers playground in new york. high school he played behind edgar sosa. >> clark: he's taken a positive step in his development here in the second half today. obviously, you saw the eight turnovers, the vast majority of
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those, six of those in the first half, so still four minutes left, but if he can play with the kind of pace and poise he's shown most of this second half, it will be a positive step in his continuing development and growth as a point guard. >> verne: uconn by 14 at the four-minute mark. >> clark: texas had 42 points at halftime, verne. they've got 21 and they average in the mid 80's on the season, so i've talked about the defense of uconn, and that's further proof of what's taken place here in this second half. >> verne: james cans a three. >> clark: that's back-to-back-to-back hoops for dame damion. >> verne: j'covan brown. >> clark: that's what you expect from your all-american candidate, senior leader. he didn't have a chance to get going earlier because his teammates were kind of throwing
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estimated 41 mpg city and all the words stick because they're true. we speak the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. we speak the 2010 ford fusion hybrid. get in... and drive one. >> clark: there are a few of them hanging around here.
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>> verne: j-e-t-s, jets, jets, jets -- get your hat on straight. pittman just fouled out. >> verne: rick barnes had hopes he was going to be a factor today. >> clark: yeah, and i anticipated that he would be too. just never really was able to get going. the early foul trouble. kind of stifled what he was able to do. for texas to be the best it can be, he's got to get back to being that double-figure scorer that he was in 11 of the first 14 games. had a monster game against north carolina. big game against michigan state as well, i think -- i know the north carolina game, he was terrific. >> verne: big double-double in that game but he's fouled out for the first time this year and
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now gavin edwards at the free-throw line. his father, earl edwards -- we speak about the nfl -- gavin edwards' dad, earl, long-time player in the nfl. four different teams, mostly with the 49ers. from gilbert, arizona. tried football and the youngster said "uh-uh." >> clark: got to go where your heart and passion is. >> verne: paid off big time for him this year -- one of the real nice stories for this uconn team. the soft up-and-under. with three minutes to go. dyson. johnson with the foul. dyson with the chance to hit 30 points in a game for the first time ever. >> clark: he has been absolutely outstanding all game long, verne, i thought early on he was
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the only guy who could get it going offensively, he and stanley robinson, in the second half i thought it was the two steals at the start of the second half that led to five points for uconn that got things started for the huskies. >> verne: he's got 30 points. and uconn has more than doubled the points of texas in this half. mason. tries the pass underneath. back outside. he's only one of 11 from three this season.
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hamilton. rejected. makes you very reluctant to shoot the ball. walker on the floor. they got him for the foul. >> clark: yeah, i think he got him across the arm. good effort by kemba, but i think he was guilty as charged there. let's see. yeah. there he goes, he got him right across the arm. >> verne: mason goes to the line. walker shaking his right arm. >> clark: he took a fall earlier this half on a nice drive where he converted, and i think it was that same forearm or elbow, and he may have just reaggravated it there, but during the heat of battle, adrenalin keeps you from paying too much attention to those kind of bumps and bruises. come post-game, he will be looking for the cold ice.
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>> verne: majok is fouled. >> verne: damion james with the foul. that's his fourth. >> clark: i would think at some point, texas might try to play the foul game for a little while but you've got to score the ball in order to try to make that strategy effective for you. i still think it may be a tad too early to do that now. see what happens here at the foul line with majok. that's a good looking free throw when you take a look at the mechanics of that shot, so you would anticipate that in time, with repetition, that he will be a much better free-throw shooter than he is. soft on the rim.
6:20 pm
texas has to attack quickly. walker was on the baseline. that's the right idea for texas, to try to get something quickly and then get into some fullcourt pressure. >> verne: j'covan brown will inbounds. >> clark: jordan hamilton is a capable three-point shooter. so is bradley. >> verne: in and out. save -- no, not saved. dyson is fouled by bradley. this week on dave. don't miss and "the late late show with craig ferguson." only on cbs.
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>> verne: it continues to be an adventure for both teams, 15 feet away -- uconn is 20-30 in the game. >> clark: with the cushion the huskies have, it perhaps won't cost them here today. >> verne: j'covan brown. off the mark. james. he will go to the free-throw line. >> verne: the huskies against the top 25 this year. >> clark: they had gone 0-for until, perhaps, today, verne. >> clark: they had a 19-point lead in the first half of that game against georgetown. >> verne: right. >> clark: got away from doing what got them the lead, and
6:22 pm
austin freeman just went crazy for the hoyas. a pretty healthy cushion right here. good ball handling and knocking down a couple of free throws, they should be able to get a win against a ranked opponent. >> verne: james has 20. that's not the factor we might have expected today. >> clark: started well early. was really dormant. >> verne: dyson lost control, but it's saved by majok. now robinson. 1:42 to go. uconn looking for a signature win, and nothing more definitive than a win against the team currently ranked number one in the country. george blaney. one the truly nice guys in the
6:23 pm
business. >> clark: one of the best. terrific basketball mind, too. >> verne: walker gets the first. >> clark: the big three came through here today for uconn. it was dyson all game long. as well as stanley robinson. and then kemba walker after a difficult first half has been excellent here in the second. >> verne: brown. nope. look at majok get up for the rebound. >> clark: you mentioned majok. he's done a nice job in his role. he's been active. he's been a presence around the goal. gavin edwards has done his usual solid job. >> verne: majok is a freshman, but 22 years of age. we mentioned the long, long journey he's taken to get here.
6:24 pm
had academic issues with his two high schools in australia so he had to sit out for 15 months to prove his academic value here at uconn, and became eligible at the end of the fall semester. started nine games now in his very young career. >> clark: it's hard to work off that kind of inactivity in terms of game competition but he showed some good stuff here today. >> verne: back to the free-throw line. dyson. 30 points in the ballgame at this point. >> clark: an opportunity for rick barnes and his coaching staff and team to go back to the drawing board. talking to him last night, he indicated that he had practiced well offensively during the week, it showed in the first half, ball movement was good,
6:25 pm
turnovers were relatively low, and then as uconn picked up the defensive pressure, some of the old habits reverted. started to show up as well -- they reverted back to some of the old habits and damion james -- >> verne: wow. >> clark: it's been nice to get him going.
6:26 pm
>> verne: tonight on cbs. a night of drama and mystery. beginning with "c.s.i.," followed by "criminal minds" and a new edition of "48 hours mystery," all tonight on cbs. rick barnes in his 12th year as head coach at texas, spent a time we referenced earlier at providence, also at clemson. he was talking about dave gavitt, his mentor -- and dave gavitt here today. rick barnes said when the texas job came open and he was contacted, he asked dave gavitt, "what do you think? should i take it?" gavitt ha t." vitt said, "young coach, , i always did think you were a wise man." >> clark: it's certainly been a nice fit for rick barnes and texas, 11 straight ncaa tournament appearances for this program and 12 on the horizon.
6:27 pm
>> verne: walker gets another free throw. lucas out. jordan hamilton on the floor for o back to big 12 play, does texas. they've got texas tech and baylor at home and for the huskies, this will be such a significant victory for them, and then they've got at providence and marquette at home -- nice block. gavin edwards. how about kewalker. he's b it out and work on the clock. time out first. >> clark: good job there, young fellow. so what are you going to have? i'm going to have one of these under 550 calorie meals. [ male announcer ] applebee's new unbelievably great-tasting and under 550 calories menu. it's all the taste and none of the trade offs. that's under 550 calories? [ male announcer ] and it's another reason why,
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there's no place like the neighborhood. [ donald ] you guys are gonna get creamed! yes! cool it, sir-pass-a-lot. ♪ bring it, donny. ♪ >> verne: clark kellogg, do you want to do a little surgery here? >> clark: we'll do a little here for what it's worth, obviously this is going to change, they'll move somewhere perhaps down below that group and this team right here becomes your new number one -- the unblemished kentucky wildcats. >> verne: you picked the colts. is kentucky going to finish undefeated? >> clark: i don't think so. i don't think we'll see that. i think there are so many things that derail teams from being able to go unbeaten. one, you need your personnel healthy. but i think oftentimes the attention and the pressure and the hype and the clutter can be
6:29 pm
too distracting in this day and age. to go all the way through without losing one. >> verne: look at that save. dyson tried to give majok the lay-up and they'll bring it back -- no, they won't. >> clark: impressive effort here by this uconn huskies team defensively, particularly in the second half. >> verne: among the other factors in this one, 16 uconn turnovers in the first half. three in the second. value the ball. >> clark: yeah. >> verne: congratulations to the huskies. george blaney. >> verne: jim calhoun, you have our best wishes. >> verne: we're going to have a storming of the court.

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